Sunday, November 17, 2013

I just had to post this "honorable mention" to our group Stop Animal Cruelty in Hot Spring/Garland Counties. Several weeks ago we post about some puppies in Bismarck where the owners took the moms. There were two litter totaling 22 puppies, 3 puppies died and that left 19. We were able to send all 19 puppies to New Jersey this past Tuesday!!! Then a man called and said a stray dog came on his property and had 10 puppies, we found a rescue group in Arkansas to take the mom and all 10 pups. Then a disabled woman out hwy 9 called and a stray momma dog had 7 puppies under a old school bus at her house and we were able to find a place for all 7 and mom with Paws and Claws Local Rescue. That is 36 puppies and 2 moms in one week. The rescue that took the 10 pups and mamma dog also took 2 small dogs and 2 kittens. YAY!!!! what a week!! plus 3 dogs from the shelter found their forever homes.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Our next spay/neuter clinic will be March 12-13, 2014. Please contact us for low cost vouchers until then. 

Please bear with us while this site is being updated, Thank you.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


From Our President, Mary Ann Taft:

The end of the year is very near. Now is the time to make your tax deductable donation to help Stop Animal Cruelty in Hot Spring County help the animals. Stop Animal Cruelty has accomplished a lot this past year. We have held three spay/neuter clinics with a total of 7 days and altered over 200 animals. We held our annual Spaghetti Dinner in Feb, our annual Yard Sale in May, we participated in the Bismark BBQ Bash in October, the Dog Days at Tractor Supply in Hot Springs. Since Sept we have been helping animals at the Malvern Shelter and we have had great success finding them forever homes with a lot of them going out of state to N.J., Mass, Tenn, Indiana. We also have adopted some of SAC's animals to people who live in Mass, N.J, and CT. I think we have had a very successful year but your help is needed for us to continue to save the precious babies. Donations can be mailed to : P.O. Box 1521 Malvern, AR 72104. Have a Blessed and Happy Paws New Year. 

From me, Sherry Burks:

This makes me bust my buttons with pride. We all owe a HUGE debt of appreciation to our fearless leader, Mary Ann Taft. WE LOVE U, MA!! You are the driving force - the wind beneath our wings!! You will have many crowns in heaven one day for all the wonderful things you've done for our animal friends.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Stop Animal Cruelty in Hot Spring County's investigators were instrumental in this bust taking place.
Thank you to them and to every agency involved in taking this breeder down and saving all of the dogs.
Great job!!